Mizuno Spark 20210904

I got the shoes. The style is good. I used to buy Mizuno, but I didn’t have a counter. I can’t buy it. I bought it in a flagship store for the first time. The price is very cost-effective, and the logistics speed is very fast. The key is that this brand of shoes is suitable for people with fat feet. Dad loves it! I’ll buy it later. I’ll come here

I have to say that Mizuno’s running shoes are really better than domestic brands. I bought them at 209 and the original price was 259. Even the entry-level running shoes I bought at this price are also very good. Originally just put on, feel sole forefoot a little bit Ying, this special also calculate sensitive word! I’ve just finished. Let’s talk about how I feel. It’s very wrapped. I like that. It is true that the forefoot is harder than some slow charging running shoes, but it is also acceptable. When running, the forefoot will not feel too strong when landing on the ground. The point is that the cushioning and rebounding effect of the back paw is very good. I try to jump down from a high place, and I can feel the obvious cushioning and rebound when I land on the back foot. I am also very energetic when I run. Generally speaking, the performance price ratio is very high, and it is worth starting for beginners of jogging;

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