Nike Air Max 97 20210805

I haven’t commented for many years. I can’t help but say a few words today. First of all, I took it on June 8th and said that the latest shipment was July 10th. Now it’s July 23rd. It’s very hard to wait. Said good, I also bought a pair of Putian silver bullet before, want to compare two pairs. The fact has proved that Putian goods and genuine products are all vulnerable to attack. The sole wear resistance is not a grade. Genuine rubber is extremely tough. Putian pushes the ground with a lot of black powder. The genuine product is very slim and looks very energetic. My wife 36 It doesn’t look big when I wear 41. This shoe is really too strong. The hook stitching is poor. Putian’s upper is more exquisite than the genuine one.

As everyone said, the sole is really hard, the quality is very good, the workmanship is very good. I don’t think the workmanship is very bad. The most troublesome problem of white shoes is cleaning. After all, the new shoes are not comfortable to look at if they are dirty. The dry ground is very slippery and slippery when it is stained with water.

Nike Air Max 97

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